Resolution 11 – Establishment of JTC 1 Advisory Group (JAG)

JTC 1 establishes a JTC 1 Advisory Group (JAG), with the following scope and terms of reference.

The JTC 1 Advisory Group will advise and support the JTC 1 Chair in pursuit of the JTC 1 mission and objectives.
The work of the JTC 1 Advisory Group is expected to have four major components:
1. Strategic
a. Strategic deals with longer term issues of JTC 1 strategic planning, work program
and mandate

2. Managerial/steering
a. Managerial deals with the review and evaluation of JTC 1’s near-term organizational effectiveness, and the structure and scope of JTC 1 entities

3. Operational
a. Operational deals with day-to-day functioning of JTC 1 and its entities in support
of their current objectives, and in particular with evolution of the Consolidated
JTC 1 Supplement and Standing Documents to provide clear and consistent rules
for JTC 1 standardization

4. Communications/outreach/marketing
a. Outreach deals with external communications and promotion of JTC 1

Terms of Reference:

1. Strategic activities

1) Review JTC 1’s strategic objectives and relationships with ISO, IEC and the broader ICT community and revise the JTC 1 Strategic Business Plan accordingly
• socialize the JTC 1 Strategic Business Plan with the SCs for incorporation in the SC Business Plans where appropriate
• socialize the JTC 1 Strategic Business Plan and SC Business Plans with external entities

2) Develop forward-looking concepts for standards development and identify future work areas of interest to JTC 1 (e.g., through the environmental scan exercise), and provide recommendations to JTC 1

3) Monitor, evaluate and interact with strategy development activities of liaison organizations and other SDOs

4) Work with SC chairs and management teams to identify business areas within or close to the scope of an SC that may be suitable for standards development

5) Identify and recommend entities outside of JTC 1 for JTC 1 participation, such as IEC Systems activities, TMB SAGs, regional organizations or standards events, etc. JTC 1

2.Managerial and steering activities

1) Monitor the implementation of existing procedures, evaluating their effectiveness and make proposals for changes where found necessary.

2) Review and evaluate the JTC 1 structure on a regular basis

3) Develop recommendations on management aspects of JTC 1 and recommend actions to JTC 1 to successfully execute the JTC 1 strategic business plan

4) Review issues arising from overlapping/conflicting scopes, activities and projects as well as disagreements over project assignments and work with JTC 1 subgroup chairs and convenors to reach acceptable resolutions

5) Quantitatively monitor the health of the organization with metrics (e.g., NP submissions, Pmemberships etc.)

6) Maintain the JTC 1 Incubator Operating Principles document, support the JTC 1 Incubator function and perform the operational functions of a Parent Group, in cases where JTC 1 is designated as the Parent Group of an Incubator Group

7) Coordinate JTC 1 participation in approved activities outside of JTC 1, provide briefs and
disseminate reports

8) Develop and maintain the JTC 1 Systems Integration guidelines document

9) Facilitate JTC 1 projects in the Systems Integration domain and interact with system integration activities in SDOs such as ISO, IEC or ITU-T

10) Manage the relationship with JTC 1 liaison organizations and officers and PAS relationships (mentors etc.)

3.Operational efficiency activities

1) Cooperate with ISO and IEC in the development of harmonized procedures, bring innovative concepts forward for their consideration and represent JTC 1 at the Joint Directives Maintenance Team

2) Align the Consolidated JTC 1 Supplement and JTC 1 Standing Documents with ISO/IEC
procedures as much as possible, provide clear and consistent rules for JTC 1 operations where ISO and IEC have divergent procedures

3) Provide advice on matters of operational efficiency and management to JTC 1, in particular recommend improvements to the JTC 1 procedural documents (Consolidated JTC 1 Supplement and Standing Documents)

4) Maintain the JTC 1 forms and templates

4.Communications, outreach and marketing activities

1) Grow the awareness of those outside JTC 1 in standardization efforts within JTC 1, including system integration activities

2) Seek and engage the wider community where relevant expertise is outside JTC 1

3) Provide education and mentoring on JTC 1 operations and training on the procedures, review the effective distribution of public information on JTC 1 activities and make suggestions for improvements

4) Engage in marketing activities and outreach

Membership will be open to all P and O members of JTC 1, Chairs/Convenors or their designee of subgroups directly under JTC 1 and members of ISO and IEC central office. External organizations may be invited to participate, if required, at a meeting for specific agenda items.

The JTC 1 Advisory Group may appoint individuals to certain tasks.

The JTC 1 Advisory Group may create ad hoc groups and/or project teams for certain tasks.

The JTC 1 Advisory Group shall produce a written report of its activities to each JTC 1 Plenary.

The JTC 1 Advisory Group has its own document repository. In addition, agendas of the JTC 1 Advisory Group will also be posted as JTC 1 N-numbered documents to the JTC 1 repository.

The JTC 1 Advisory Group is empowered to issue JTC 1 letter ballots.

The JTC 1 Chair will serve as Convenor and the JTC 1 Secretariat as the secretariat for the JTC 1 Advisory Group.

The first meeting of the JTC 1 Advisory Group will be Monday, 14 March 2016 in Paris.

The JTC 1 Secretariat is instructed to issue a call for participation in the JTC 1 Advisory Group.